Running For Your Life

Running For Kids

There’s no question that physical activity is crucial for children. Not only does it strengthen a child’s muscles and bones, and prevent excessive weight gain, but it also improves brain function and helps maintain emotional and mental wellbeing.  A recent review of nearly 100 researc

Back To School – Staying Healthy and Active

As we get set and start our new school year, we know that schools often don’t offer enough programming to keep children interested in sports. With where we have locations across The GTA and surrounding areas we are offering tips on how parents can encourag

RFYL’s Summer Sports Camp Fun For All

The Summer is upon us and what to do with your kids?  If you’re in the Durham or Clarington area make sure to register or visit Running For Your Life’s Summer Sports Camp. The Olympic Sports Development Camp is perfect for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level athl

Meet The Gazelle’s Track & Field Club Big Boss Nate!!!

Nathan Meraw We constantly hear about what it takes to be the best: Talent, Focus and Determination. We have visions in our head of what the best look like. But sometimes the best amongst us are not the most popular or well-known…. They are not the most boisterous or highly deco

Why Do Athletes Make The Best Employees?

Reasons Why Athletes Make The Best Employees Being an athlete takes a lot of work and perseverance.  The experience a young athlete gains over their years of training and competition transitions well into a working environment.  From being able to socialize with people from various ba

Tips For A Great Cross Country Season

Tips for a Cross Country Great Season Cross Country Season has officially started with the Gazelles Cross Country Club.  Whether you are new to Cross Country or a returning seasoned member, the start of Cross Country can be somewhat nerve wracking and exciting all at once.  Memories o

Running – The Bond That Binds Us Together

Running – The Bond That Binds Us Together In a world where real and perceived barriers exist to divide us based on gender, age, geography, race and socio-economic standing, one thing that we all share in common from a very young age is our ability to run. Running is the foundation of

What Can We Learn From Donald Trump?!?!

All of us at some point and time look back on our experiences in life and we feel that pang of regret…I would of…. I could of…. I should of…So why do we do this when instead we could have said: I did, I can and I will? It’s all about what we fear; the fear of t

“My Mom & Dad Told Me There’ll Be Days Like These….The Hate is REAL!”

“My Mom & Dad told me there’ll be days like these….the hate is REAL!” Advice For The Snot Nosed Kid I remember when I was a young 5-7 year old snot nosed kid my parents sat me down on the porch one day when I was playing with my “friends” outsid

The Power of Anxiety in Performance

Performance Anxiety All of us at some point in time in our lives experience Performance Anxiety. Whether it’s speaking in front of a classroom full of your peers or standing behind the starting blocks waiting for the race to start, Anxiety is what keeps us on our toes, that feeling of