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And than there were 6…..!!! Congratulations to Andre, Krissy, Andriana, Xavier, Aleeya and Cassie for qualifying for this Saturday’s OFSAA CROSS COUNTRY High School Championships. Special shout out to Cassie for becoming the 2017 Jr Girls LOSSA XC Champion. It’s been a great season of training and competition and it all goes down this Saturday, Nov 4th in Petawawa, ON. Lots of respect for our other High School XC Athletes that didn’t make OFSAA but tried their best. Let’s continue to get ready for the AO Championships! See here –

Enjoying my time training these Young Soccer Super Star Ladies. Great work you all our doing. Keep pushing for that #1 Spot! –

Thanks to Two Men & A Truck for sponsoring our Track & Field Super Meet! Need to move? Big or Small, Business or Family Two Men & A Truck has ALL your moving needs covered. Hit them up today! –

From all of us at Running For Your Life Sports Performance Group Inc, RFYL Not-For-Profit Performance & The Gazelles Track & Field Club we wish you, your family and friends all the best over this Holiday Season. 2017 has been an exceptional year for RFYL. Many special moments for our clients has been shared and we thank you for choosing us to be in your corner during your journey to greatness. Please take some time out to enjoy this festive season with your loved ones and definitely count your blessings. See you all in 2018 for another ground breaking year!! –

Great article on Canada’s #2 Ranked Junior Sprinter Samuel. Gazelle Member Samuel is now @ Div 1 NCAA – Campbell University in North Carolina on Scholarship. The Gazelle Track & Field Club restarts next week. We have locations in Clarington, Durham, Toronto, Markham & Peel Regions. Membership has it’s privileges! –

Back to school week is in the “books”. Zion & Selah have enjoyed the week and are starting to settle into the school schedule. Study well Young Brookes Bosses. The World Is Yours. Read this very cool story here –

Great work Coach Cathy with this amazing athlete….Alicia’s Story just became even more incredible in Spain at the World Transplant Games that took place this past June – July. This young heart transplant recipient won BRONZE in the girls aged 12-14 100m race. So proud of this young lady. She has a beautiful spirit and even more…a beautiful heart. Read this very cool story here –

Reasons Why Athletes Make The Best Employees

Being an athlete takes a lot of work and perseverance.  The experience a young athlete gains over their years of training and competition transitions well into a working environment.  From being able to socialize with people from various backgrounds, to working independently while training or even learning valuable lessons from loosing a competition allows athletes to learn very quickly how the world works at a young age.  Learning day to day job requirements is one thing but teaching somebody ethics and dedication is very hard once you reach the age of adulthood.

The values gained from a career of sports are life long and can make a huge positive impact on somebody’s life.  It’s one thing to be able to be great in sports and make that next step to being a professional athlete or making it to the Olympics.  The percentage of this happening is really low and not common but the transition from a sports athlete to a hard working contributing civilian in the workplace is at a much higher percentage and one metric we should look at closer and embrace more.



One of them is a Porter Pilot and the other is Prime Minister Award Recipient for Teacher Excellence. Both are Canadian Master Track & Field Champions. Read this very cool story here –


***Breaking Scholarship Signing News*** – Click BOOM!!! Congratulations Skyy Diop for securing your NCAA Div 1 Track & Field Scholarship with St John’s University in Queens, NYC. Gazelle Sprinter Skyy was ranked #2 in Canada in the 400m as a Youth Sprinter in 2017. While competing for the “Red Storm” Skyy will be studying Art Design. It has been a joy to partner up with you and your family Skyy over the last several years. You have been an amazing student-athlete and friend. Keep pushing to exceed all of your potential Skyy!!! More info see Here –