Running For Your Life

School is out and March Break is almost over but it’s always a School Thing with The Gazelles!!! Congratulations to these “Champions In The Classroom” for getting it DONE in the Fall Semester and throughout the entire year!!!! See here –

Let’s start this New Year 2018 Off Right…..!!! Shout out to all the Gazelle Members who made our recent fundraiser an incredible success!!! We managed to raise over $13,000 from our Gazelle Holiday Fundraiser. 10 Winners will be awarded starting this week with 10 amazing Gift Baskets + 7 Gazelle Members who have won amazing Gazelle Member Only incentive Prizes. Special shout out to Coach Cathy for quarter backing this amazing feat with the other coaches and supporting parents!!! Membership has it’s privileges ya dig?!?!…Powered by Running For Your Life Performance Not-For-Profit! See here –


Thanks for all the love my wonderful RFYL/Gazelle Clients, Members & Friends. Enjoy your Sunday, be Thankful & Happy 2018 New Year!!!! See here –

Our Indoor Season is almost done and looking back at the start till now there has been a lot of progress. Here’s a look of our 1st Meet of the Season for our Future Olympians which went off with a BLAST a few months ago in December 2017. Congratulations to all of our Gazelle “Young Bosses” who established Personal Bests. Lots of winners and top 3 Gazelle Producers!! Let’s keep pushing! See here –

Putting all the pieces together for this Young Gazelle Boss. Let’s Get Busy in 2018 Kyron! See here –

***March Break Fitness Camp*** – Come spend your March Break with Running For Your Life Inc where your kids will enjoy fun activities that will help them grow as successful Student – Athletes. From learning important elements of Sports Athletic Performance to establishing the keys to being a Champion On & Off the Playing Field RFYL has you covered. The camp will be held at Complete Performance Centre’s state of the art training facility in Ajax, Ontario. Camp price is $160 and it’s for ages 7 – 14 (Elementary School Age). Register Today to reserve your spot! See here –

You think if you don’t make it to the Pros or the Olympics your Sports Participation has gone to waste? Think not!! Being a Student – Athlete has lots of advantages. Who do you think are the best entrepreneurs and employees?? Read here for more info –!!! See here –

The absolute desire and athleticism from Russell Westbrook is perhaps 2nd to none in the current NBA Player’s Market. His will and amazing physical control has separated himself from the common crowd. Speed, Strength, Endurance, Confidence and Experience are all keys to Russell Westbrook’s success. These same pillars of success Running For Your Life Sports Performance Group Inc specialize in. The FIRE is over here!!! See here –


Congratulations to CPC owner Richard K for his brand new 32,000 sq ft training facility in Ajax. This guy is always putting in the right work while being a great ambassador of Positivity for Coaches & Business Owners in Durham, Ontario. Always a pleasure to be working with you in various capacities. We tip our hat off to You Richard/CPC! See here –

One of the greatest Rappers of all time had a simple formula for making it…..Never Give Up. Life can throw you a curve ball sometimes but you have to know how to maneuver and stay the course….take it from Jay-Z See here –